The "Klingende Sammlung"

Karl Burri's collection of wind instruments


The Klingendes Museum is based on the Burri collection of musical instruments. Karl Burri (1921–2003) was trained as a brass instrument maker. Since 1945 he ran his business of wind instrument's sale and repair in Bern. In 1970, he established his own museum in the village of Zimmerwald near Bern. He showed it to countless music societies, classes, private persons and specialists.

After the death of Karl Burri in 2003, his borther and his two children continued his endeavors. In 2013 Adrian v. Steiger published his dissertation Die Instrumentensammlung Burri. Hintergründe und Herausforderungen (in German). In his book, he is presentuing the collection, its history and selected instruments as well as discussing the dilemma of playing vs. displaying of historical musical instruments.

In order to preserve this important cultural heritage in Bern, the Foundation Instrumentensammlung Burri took over Burri's collection in 2015. Further additions, made possible through donations or loans, will sharpen the profile of the museum's collection. A recent major donation is the collection of 70 instruments from the Swiss manufacturer Hirsbrunner, documenting the 200 years of that company in Sumiswald near Bern.

Feature on the occasion of Karl Burri's 80th birthday in 2001 (NZZ Format)

Karl Burri 2003 with his baroque trombone.
Karl Burri 2003 with his baroque trombone.