The museum is closed due to Covid-19.

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New special exhibition: Curiosities

Curious inventions for wind instruments - to marvel at and try out by yourself.

Radio SRF 2: Concert "CLEX INterACTION"

You can listen on SRF to the concert at the Klingendes Museum on 3 September 2020 as part of the Bern Music Festival: Mechatronics, CLEX INterACTION. With an interview on CLEX by Cécile Ohlshausen.

Ernesto Molinari, CLEX, Michael Harenberg, Daniel Weissberg
Ernesto Molinari, CLEX, Michael Harenberg, Daniel Weissberg

Collaboration with BKMV

The Bernischer Kantonal-Musikverband supports the Sounding Museum, which documents the history of wind band music so well. In return, all BKMV associations are offered guided tours at a special price of 200 – 300 CHF (depending on the size of the group).

Please contact Adrian v. Steiger by e-mail for appointments. Guided tours preferably before or after our opening hours.

Former Events:

Arkadi Shilkloper

gave concerts here in March 2019. Er played (and taught) not only Alphorn, but also Instruments of the collection, such as this Cornu:

James Morrison 

... played some of our historical instruments live in concert 14 April 2018.

Portrait in Swiss TV 1