Become a sponor of an instrument

Support the Playing Collection as sponsor of an instrument. Some need a cleaning, others a restoration:

  • Repairing and oiling the alphorn by Oberli: 500.-
  • Cleaning and oiling the oboe by Hans Reist, Sumiswald (ca. 1800): 1000.-
  • Restore the clarinet of "Charles Felchlin à Berne": 2000.-
  • Restore to soundability the alto saxophone by Adolphe Sax, Fils: 3000.-
  • Repairing of the contrabass saxophone (photo): 5000.-
  • Clean the English brass-band instruments: 300.- each
  • Clean and restore the bass trombone with double slide: 1000.-
  • Cleaning and restoring to soundability the bass sudrophon by Sudre: 1500.-

You receive

  • your name on the label
  • a free pass to the exhibition
  • an invitation to the yearly artistic talk
  • regular information about activities of the Playing Collection
Karl Burri with his contrabass saxophone

The Raiffeisenbank Bern

is the sponsor of the restauriation of the alto saxophone by Adolphe Edourd Sax Fils, made ca. 1895. It reminds us the old, "warm" sound of the saxophones of the 19th century. Thank you, Raiffeisenbank !