The Playing Collection

... comprises over a 1000 wind instruments and drums from three centuries (see the catalogue). There are very rare objects among them, such as classical horns and flutes, the prototype of an alto saxophone (1853) by its inventor Adolphe Sax as well as some of the first instruments of Swiss makers. Moreover, complete ensembles of wind bands are preserved in the collection.

The Playing Collection is based on the «Blasinstrumenten-Sammlung» of Karl Burri (1921–2003). The foundation «Instrumentensammlung Burri» took over this collection in 2015. It is and will be enhanced through loans and donations.

The objective of the Playing Collection is to preserve, present, explore and play the instruments. Some of them can be played by all visitors. Some have been restaured for the use by professional musicians in projects of historically informed performance practice. Others are allowed to be played for research objectives only.

View into Karl Burri's museum in Zimmerwald near Bern (2005 approx.)