Special Exhibition Fresh Wind

Fresh wind for the organ?
Why should we use electronics to help us play a clarinet?
How were wind instruments made in earlier times, and from what materials?
May we still play historical instruments?

FRESH WIND shows fascinating innovations for wind instruments from the research of Bern University of the Arts. Link to the FRESH WIND website...

Permanent Exhibition C'est le vent qui fait la musique

It is the wind, that brings wind instruments to sound.
The exhibition presents, how wind instruments and their music developed: e.g. from Turkish bands around 1800 to the orchestral instruments of the 19th century, the brass band and the invention of the saxophone around 1840. Or how a simple shepherd's horn became a beloved instrument of traditional and modern music, as well as a symbol of Swissness: the Alphorn.

And try yourself to play our instruments: Alphorn, Roman cornua, contrabass-trombone etc.

Opening hours

Wednesdays to Sundays from 11:00 to 17:00
A visit lasts 45 minutes minimum.

Entrance fees

Adults 10.- / Children and students: 5.- / Families: 20.- / Groups: on request
Cash only