Permanent Exhibition C'est le vent qui fait la musique

It is the wind, that brings wind instruments to sound.
The instrument itself is just the shell, that envelops the sound. It had many forms since primitive times: a snail became a horn, a hollow bone a flute, a tube a trumpet.
The exhibition presents, how wind instruments and their music developed: from Turkish bands around 1800 to the orchestral instruments of the 19th century and the invention of the saxophone around 1840.

Special Exhibition THE ALPHORN


Wind instruments made out of animal horns or wood are played by shepherds in order to lure or calm their animals. The long Alphorn became a popular Instrument In Switzerland during the 20th century.

We are grateful for support of this special exhibition:
Gesellschaft zu Mittellöwen
Zunftgesellschaft zu Schmieden
Marc Stucki, MSMS Management Law Project AG, Muri
Bank EEK
The Friends of the Playing Collection

«Alphorn Experience» plays at the exhibition's opening, 24 Mai 2018.

Albert Feuz spielt das "Unspunnenhorn" (Vernissage 24. Mai 2018)